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Selecting the right breeder can be the most important step you will take. Good breeders are most likely to be members of the NCA. While we cannot select a specific breeder for you, the Newfoundland Club of America (NCA) has some suggestions to help you.

The Newfoundland Club of America and most of the regional clubs provide referrals to Newfoundland breeders, usually through a Breeders List that is available on their websites. This is an excellent way to find a breeder. Some breeders encourage prospective puppy buyers to visit their dogs, even if they have no puppies available at the time. Often they can refer you to other breeders, who may have puppies or a litter due.

Another excellent way to meet breeders is at a dog show. To find out when and where a show will be held in your area, check with the regional Newfoundland club in your area, refer to the American Kennel Club website, or do an internet search for “dog show superintendents.” When you find a conveniently located show, check the appropriate website about a week before the show to learn the time Newfs will be shown and how many are entered. At the show, talk to the exhibitors—after the judging of Newfs is finished— and ask lots of questions.

NCA Recommends

The Newfoundland Club of America considers the following tests as necessary for all Newfoundlands:
Hips (x-ray),
Elbows (x-ray),
Cystinuria (DNA or parentage)
Hearts (cardiologist).

Please be sure and discuss the status of these tests with your responsible breeder. Additional tests include:
CERF (eyes)
Thyroid (blood tests) and
DNA Banking is also strongly encouraged.


Although not all exhibitors will be breeders, most of them will be glad to tell you about their dogs and the dogs’ breeders. When you watch the dogs being judged, you will notice that not all Newfs are identical in either appearance or personality, and you will probably prefer “the look” of some better than others.

While searching for a breeder, do not be taken in by fancy websites or ads. Beware of a breeder who has not done health checks on the sire and dam. (These records can be seen at offa.org.) Also beware of purchasing a puppy, sight unseen, over the Internet. A reputable breeder will want to establish a relationship with you before placing one of his puppies in your care. A responsible breeder will not sell a puppy to just anyone with a credit card as though the buyer were purchasing some inanimate object. Reputable breeders have a life-long interest in the dogs they produce. Also beware of a breeder who promises more or less than others, or whose price quotations are much higher or lower than others. Remember, however, that Newfoundland puppies can vary in cost depending on age and potential quality.

Visit other Regional Newf Events- Draft Tests and Water Tests are excellent places to see adult Newfoundlands in action and to meet people in your area that are active in the breed.

Check out the NCA Calendar to find Regional Club events near you

newIf you are starting your search for a Newfoundland Puppy online, check out this important information on reading a breeder website, using online data sources to research dogs and great sources to help you out.

Evaluating a Newfoundland Breeder’s Website

Using the Internet to Research a Newfoundland Breeder





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