Consider The Source

The Newfoundland Club of America recommends that you take your time when searching for a puppy and urges you to purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder.


As with all dogs, Newfoundlands may have health problems. The most common are subvalvular aortic stenosis, hip and/or elbow dysplasia, cystinuria, skin problems and ear infections. To increase your chances of getting a healthy, happy puppy, buy from a reputable breeder who:

- works to breed to the AKC Breed Standard. The Standard is a written guideline for the ideal dog. A reputable breeder strives to produce this ideal dog. The standard is what keeps Newfoundlands looking like Newfoundlands.

- breeds only healthy specimens. Breedings are not done until necessary health checks have been performed. A reputable breeder will have proof available.

- will provide you with references.

- will demand that the puppy be returned to them should you no longer be able to care for the puppy at any time during its life.

newfoundland puppy


- uses contracts and limited registration when selling puppies. Use of these items protect the puppy and the buyer.

- is a member of his/her national and regional breed club and/or local all breed club. These memberships help to keep the breeder up-to-date on all issues concerning the breed.

- does not produce puppies simply to make money. A reputable breeder breeds in an attempt to improve the breed.

- requires interviews and visits before selling you a puppy.

newfoundland puppy


- will demand that you follow exacting instructions for feeding, grooming and raising a puppy and will provide you with written instructions.

- has spotless kennels.

- will introduce you to their dogs and allow you to interact with them.

- will help you pick a puppy that will best suit your family.

- will return your phone calls and be willing to help you for the lifetime of your Newf.